The Essence of Breath

The Essence of the Breath: Finding inner connection and stillness with your Breath

March 28th – 10:00am – 11:30am

*Free for Doctors & Nurses* (details below)

We will explore the essence of the Breath through:

  • Where we breathe in the body
  • The cleansing and strengthening of the Nervous System with the breath
  • The importance of the Inhale and Exhale
  • The Alternative nostril breathing practice

Through the use of Dristi, gazing points, we can gain a greater sense of breath within our body:

  • By how to gaze in the practice of Ashtanga Yoga
  • Why we gaze
  • In exploring the connections of our internal systems, to access a greater exchange of energy and breath within our body

We will bring all these elements together in a guided practice of Suryanamaskara A & Suryanamaskara B.

Followed by a guided Alternative Nostril Breathing Practice.

Finishing with a guided relaxation to bring inner peace, and finding stillness through your breath.

— 15€

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*Free for Doctors and Nurses*

In support of all the energy and love being provided by our Doctors and Nurses in this time of pandemic, we are offering this workshop free of charge. If you are a Doctor or Nurse and would like to participate, please fill out the registration form above + send us an email with your full name, place of work, and a photo of your badge or ID to


Elizabeth Ball

Ph.D. in Immunology, SYC Authorised Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

Elizabeth has been devoted to the study and practice of Ashtanga Yoga for over 10 years. Following the completion of her Ph.D. in Immunology, Elizabeth dedicated herself to studying and teaching Ashtanga Yoga and received the KPJAYI Authorisation to teach in 2018.
Passionate in uniting the healing properties of the Ashtanga practice with her scientific knowledge, Elizabeth guides practitioners in learning and connecting to their own inner being to gain harmonised health. She is dedicated to the lineage of Yoga for longevity of health and inner happiness, and strives for Ashtanga Yoga to touch and heal the lives of all who practice it.


Mar 28, 2020


10:00 am - 11:30 am


Elizabeth Ball