New Moon Gathering

🌙♉🌱The NEW MOON🌑on 4th of May in Taurus brings us back to what we find valuable, to what helps us grow strong and stable, energies that offer support to bring into action our renewed, strong and independent Self 🌱🌿🌱
🌙♉🌱We will discover in what area of your birth chart map will move this powerful energy⚡to know how to root your dreams into reality❤
🌙♉🌱Join us for this New Moon special day to set intentions, to bring clarity around what we want to build and develop next.
🌙♉🌱 The New Moon will include :
• We will analyze the energies of the sign of the Moon in your birth chart, including a reading for your Sun sign and rising sign.
• A New Moon guided meditation 🕉
• Yoga NIDRA relaxation with devotional bhajan chanting♥️🎶 by Isa Guitana
Time 🕓 : 04th of May 2019, starting at 18:30 until 20:30
PLEASE RESERVE BY 3rd of May by 2PM to allow time to prepare your NATAL CHART 😉 also please understand that as it requires your natal chart preparation, if you don’t join us last-minute we still ask you to contribute with 10€ ✨🙏✨
• 💎25€ ( 20€ for December participants )
• Vegan cake, herbal tea and good vibes included.
Please reserve your spot at
• Whatsapp : +359895107538 🔮🕉
• E-mail : 🔮🕉


May 04, 2019


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Casa Vinyasa Lisbon
Av. Sidónio Pais 16, 5E, 1050-012 Lisbon
Andrada Andrei


Andrada Andrei