MUM & BABYoga ~ Relax & Shantala







Join us for a total Self-Care Sunday 🥰

This event is for pregnant women or Mums & Babies to enjoy magical moments of connection through the practice of Yoga and a relaxing moment with massage complemented with the amazing dōTERRA essential oils 👌

Mums will learn simple yet powerful tecniques of Shantala, traditional indian massage for Babies 🙌

December, 15th 》 11AM – 1PM

At Casa Vinyasa Lisbon

Price – 28€

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Whatsapp – 00351912181778


In prenatal classes and mom & baby we try to deepen the link between mother and baby. Mothers mostly experience a major hormonal, physical and emotional change pre-postpartum. Through yoga practice, music, meditation, visualization, yoga nidra and babyoga we increase confidence, awaken all our senses and those of the baby, strengthen ourselves as women, mothers, human beings and increase the emotional bond between baby and child caregiver. Sharing with other mothers and babies is magical and truly therapeutic.

With Ana Mendes


Massage therapy during and after pregnancy has been shown to provide many benefits, including a sense of wellness, improved relaxation, and better sleep. Studies indicate that can reduce anxiety and decrease symptoms of depression both fundamental for mum and newborn health.

Shantala massage is a highly respected ancient Indian massage technique, defined by its simplicity, enchanting rhythmic movements, and positive benefits for babies and children. It is a form of full body massage for babies which in India is part of the daily care routine.

It is important to note that the conditions during the first year are of substantial impact on the physical, emotional and psychological development of a child. In that period, baby massage is very supportive. It also promotes a healthy bonding process. Through baby massage, parents can communicate without words with their baby as body-language is the only language a baby can understand.

The babies need food, but much more to be loved and receive affection. Touch is communication, and that communication must be nurtured with care, love and affection. With the idea of ​​promoting what is fundamental for the newborn: love, affection and contact made by the communication between mother and child, more than a massage, is an art, an act of love.

Benefits of the massage

Through gentle touches, with harmonious movements oriental wisdom comes assist the newborn in its development, Shantala stimulates various parts of the body, physiological and emotional benefits as well as a means to calm and comfort. The Shantala massage benefits both psychologically and physically, in that it provides a dialogue of love by touch. Massage is a unique art of “touching with quality” to provide relaxation in the whole body or specific parts, is an expanded form of touch that, once properly developed and practiced will provide greater knowledge and understanding of the baby.

With Lorena Damasceno


With dōTERRA essential oils, we will nurture you and your Baby with gifts from your first Mother Earth at this most precious time. dōTERRA essential oils are sustainably produced and devotionally sourced. Their Certified Therapeutic Grade® means they can provide for you and your Baby, protection, enhancement and nourished growth and support for life. We combine these essential oils to indulgent and soothe Mothers, and welcome you and your little one to Earth in the most supportive and grounding experience we can.

With Elizabeth Ball Ph.D.
dōTERRA Wellness Advocate




Dec 15, 2019


11:00 am - 1:00 pm


Casa Vinyasa Lisbon
Av. Sidónio Pais 16, 5E, 1050-012 Lisbon