Join us at Casa Vinyasa in Cascais – Guincho to nurture yourself from inside out … body, mind & soul 🙏⁣


“A unique experience in all senses … the process of meditation & yoga”

“What a wonderful experience!
Isa and Jay have created a unique and special environment. I feel recharged and refreshed. Isa’s voice guided us into deep relaxation through yoga nidra and devotional chanting … a really unique and wonderful experience. Thank you both for illuminating my path on this journey of yoga, spiritual and personal growth”

“I felt a good environment amongst all those who were present… I particularly enjoyed the meditation and the fact that yoga pratice was from the very begining, giving us the chance to focus on details that we don’t usually do”

“Adorei a experiência que vai ficar comigo para a vida. Foi um fim de semana maravilhoso. A Isa e o jay são pessoas especiais que envolvem todos e transmitem luz e tranquilidade. Muito obrigada 🧘🏼‍♀️Foi perfeito e excedeu as minhas expectativas”

“Este fim de semana de workshop de Life Essentials foi muito importante para mim, ajudou-me a reconectar comigo mesma, á alertar-me para algumas prioridades que tinham passado ao lado mas que eu sinto que devo incluí-las na minha vida e no meu modo de ser, como a meditação, não só pela pessoa que sou mas também pelo trabalho que desenvolvo, sujeito a stress diário e que por vezes consome e desgasta a minha mente de uma maneira muito negativa”

“Casa Vinyasa, specifically the Life Essentials course appeared in my life at a moment where I was looking for answers for my being. Isa and Jay opened their souls to share with us their gentle (“”I can’t emphasize this enough””) but precise instructions on how we can connect with our inner selved but also proved why this is important and will change our lives. In just 3 days, Jay shared with us how to meditate with a basic element (= your own body, that’s all! No alarm or apps needed), and Isa taught us how to connect with your body and mind and how to live the eternal present through vinyasa and ashtanga, in a very one-by-one and caring way, followed by a powerful yoga nidra that made us feel like in heaven. I felt that after this course, I understand better how meditation works, learned the paths to accept my ever-running mind & how to connect it with my body in order to also connect with the world around me. THANK YOU both for sharing with us your knowledge and being such an inspiration <3″

“The life essentials workshop was an amazing experience that I was lucky to share with my husband and the baby we are expecting.
The energy was amazing and I felt very emotional through out the 3 days, specially after the yoga nidra which was always absolutely delightful.
Isa and Jay kindly reminded us of the importance of being present just as much in life as in yoga, and just enjoy every moment as it unfolds.
Thank you Isa and Jay for your guidance and support, for your love and for sharing your amazing energy with all of us 🙏🏼♥️
I honestly feel so blessed to have the opportunity to learn from you.
I would definitely recommend it to everyone, either practitioners of ashtanga yoga or not, looking for something else in life ✨”

“I had the most fenomenal and intensive workshop ever! I felt real conected with myself! It was an experience that i will carry with me all my life!💕 Thank you Isa and Jay! I’m definitely a better person now!! 🙏🏻💕”

“The workshop exceeded largely my expectations. My main goal was regain the motivation to practice meditation daily. I had no idea about transcendental meditation and was pretty sure that the right one for me was focused-attention method, but maybe not … I really fell motivated to continue this practice. I liked a lot the methodology of meditation part of the workshop, was simple and effective. As for yoga, I already practice yoga regularly at the Shala so it was a big surprise how much I learn in the yoga classes. Yoganidra was an amazing experience.”

“Thank you for three beautiful and intense days. Very gentle and inviting approach to meditation which makes the practice accessible and at the same time takes you to a very profound level and invites you to explore what selfcare means to you and how to cultivate it with love. I will defenitely give meditation a try.
Yoga again and again is a new discovery and opens up so many dimensions in the way how it is taught by Isa. She guides us through a much wider experience and inner understanding of what we are doing on the matt. And it is always so good to go back to the basics, reinforce, rework – remember – and so improve the whole practice.
Thank you both for passing on this profound knowledge with so much love and dedication. Highly recommend the workshop.”

“! Great agenda and very well covered themes. The contents of both parts were really good and so helpful! Undoubtedly you have a way of explaining that allowed us to grow in the experience. Thank you both for sharing your knowledge ❤️”

“Foi uma experiência fantástica quer física quer emocional. Um workshop essencial quer para quem está a iniciar como para praticantes regulares. Fez-me ver e entender a importância dos detalhes; quer nos asanas; quer na vida. Fez-me ver e sentir mais além, numa dimensão que ainda não tinha sentido, numa dimensão que ainda não tinha estado. Sinto-me abençoada e grata por tudo o que aprendi, e pela forma amorosa, gentil e humilde, com que o Jay e a Isa nos ensinam, ajudam, se preocupam e nos suportam.
Nunca estive em Mysore, não sei como é, mas houve momentos no shala, que sentia como se lá estivesse, mas numa escala mais pequena.
Obrigada por fazerem parte desta minha viagem.”


A weekend of Yoga & Meditation to learn essential tools for LIFE – the fundamentals of Traditional Ashtanga Yoga and a transcending style of meditation based on the Vedic traditions. ⠀⠀⠀
Workshop Dates – December 7 & 8
⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
SATURDAY, 7th of Dec

Morning Session
9:00 – 12:00
• Meditation – PART 1 (‪9:00 – 10:30‬)⁣
• Ashtanga Yoga Fundamentals (‪10:30 – 11‬:30)⁣
• Yoga Nidra with Chanting (‪11:30 – 12:00‬) ⁣

Afternoon Session
16:00 – 19:00
• Meditation – PART 2 (‪16:00 – 17:00‬)⁣
• Ashtanga Yoga Fundamentals (‪17:00 – 18:30)⁣
• Yoga Nidra with Chanting (‪18:30 – 19:00‬) ⁣

SUNDAY, 8th of Dec

Morning Session
9:00 – 12:00
• Meditation – PART 3 (‪9:00 – 10:00‬)⁣
• Ashtanga Yoga Fundamentals (‪10:00 – 11‬:30)⁣
• Yoga Nidra with Chanting (‪11:30 – 12:00‬) ⁣

Casa Vinyasa Cascais – Guincho is located just 500 meters from Praia do Guincho and a 2 min walk from the beautiful dunes overlooking the ocean. There are nice cafes and restaurants in the area to explore between the Saturday sessions.

Parcial days are not possible for this workshop.
It is important to be present for all 3 sessions sequentially. ⁣

Workshop Fee: 75€⁣
Discounted Workshop Fee ⁣
for Casa Vinyasa students: 65€⁣

To reserve your place please contact us at or call
WhatsApp at +351912181778.






Dec 07 - 08, 2019


9:00 am - 12:00 pm


Casa Vinyasa Cascais
Rua Sao Rafael 142, 2750-082 Cascais