Intro to Ashtanga: Beginners Workshop

Intro to Ashtanga: Beginners Workshop

May 2nd – 9:00am – 12:00pm

*Free for Doctors. Nurses & Hospital Staff* (details below)

This workshop is designed for students that are new to the Ashtanga practice, or those that would like to refresh their knowledge. We will cover in detail the fundamentals of the practice, including:

  • Ujjayi Breath – a specific breathing technique that will be the base to guide you in this practice, where all energy and movement emerges.
  • Mula Bandha & Uddiyana Bandha – the internal muscular locks that help to cultivate and sustain energy and heat to be circulated throughout the body.
  • Vinyasa movement – the synchronization of breath and movement that connects the sequence of asanas (postures) in a profound and therapeutic way.
  • Drishti – the gentle points of visual gaze that accompany each vinyasa and serve to focus the mind and deepen the internal experience.
  • Suryanamaskara A & B – the sun salutation sequences to open the Ashtanga practice and refine the core principles of breath, movement and bandhas.
  • An introduction to part of the standing and seated sequence of the Ashtanga series, learning how to transition between asana and how to listen to your body and breath to guide the physical expression of the asana.

Following this 3-hour immersion you will have a solid understanding of the Ashtanga practice and be able to participate in Led Classes.

— 25€ / person

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*Free for Doctors, Nurses & all Hospital Staff*

In support of all the energy and love being provided by our Doctors, Nurses and all Hospital Staff in this time of pandemic, we are offering this workshop free of charge. If you would like to participate, please fill out the registration form above + send us an email with your full name, place of work, and a photo of your badge or ID to


Isa Guitana

For the last 18 years Isa has dedicated her daily presence to share tradtional Ashtanga Yoga with each student to cross her path, supporting their inner journey with her playful heart and faithful dedication to inspire them to unravel their deepest potential within. From the moment she discovered her practice, she knew it would challenge her and open her heart to bring new levels of growth for a lifetime. She spent 10 years travelling to India to practice under the guidance of Shri K Pattabhi Jois and his grandson Sharath Jois and was among the first Portuguese teachers to be Authorized by the Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India. Isa lives in Portugal with her family and teaches at both locations (Lisbon & Cascais) of her school, Casa Vinyasa. Over the years Isa has taught throughout Portugal, Europe, Asia and the Americas. Isa has been teaching and performing at several international festivals like Boom, Being, Wanderlust and Portugal Spirit Festival. In addition to the Ashtanga practices, Isa also uses her singing voice as a tool for healing and transformation through the study and chanting of the Yoga Sutras, traditional Indian devotional Bhajans and guided Yoga Nidras, deep relaxation.


May 02, 2020


9:00 am - 12:00 pm